Another Congratulations!

Congratulations to my blogging buddy Christine and her husband as they accepted a referral yesterday for a beautiful baby boy!  I’ve wanted to say that for SO LONG!  I can’t wait to hear more about this little guy!  So wish I could join their “referral party” this weekend!  But alas they live a little too far away… but that is the great thing about the adoption blogging community.  You get to celebrate in everyone’s joys and be support for one another in the hard times, even if it is virtually.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have close “physical” friends who understand and have gone through the highs and lows of the adoption process, the web however has made this possible.I know for myself, I have relied so much on my ebuddies support through the past year – and will continue to in years to come.  

So again – Cheers to Christine and Doug and their baby boy – We will be toasting you all tonight!


I have two belated Congratulations to send out.

One to Julie, my sister in law on her new job – congrats Julie!

A second to Heather and Nate, my brother in law and his girl friend got engaged on February 18!!  They hope to get married early next year down south… Yeah!  Finally Matt and I get to go somewhere warm!  I’ve already asked my mom to watch Alex 🙂

Nate and Heather

This picture is rather old – 5 years old actually – from their first Valentines Day!  We spent the weekend with them at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville.  That was a great time!  Awww… they look so young here!

First Social Worker Visit

Yesterday we had our first social worker visit.  For those who are not up on the South Korean adoption process, after the baby is placed with a family, there must be at least 3 home visits over a 6 month period.  The social worker and the Children’s Bridge need to submit reports on the baby’s progress at 2, 4, and 6 month intervals.  At the end of the 6 months a R.O.A.C.H. report (Report on the Adjustment of the Child in the Home) is submitted to Korea and after that a court hearing will be held when Alex becomes an official member of our family.  At least that is how I think it goes. 

So yesterday was the first visit and it was not as stressful as I had anticipated.  Our SW focused on Alex and his progress – his communication, motor skills, attachment etc and he passed with flying colours!  Yeah Alex!  Next visit will be just after his first birthday in May.


On the Mend

It looks like we are on the mend.  Alex is feeling much better and Matt and I are slowly getting there.  We went and bought a humidifier and a nasal aspirator – haven’t used the aspirator – but it is there for next time.  I hope the humidifier works – if nothing else it will be a white noise maker = although I am a little afraid of providing a white noise because what about when we travel or if he has a sleepover?  If there isn’t the same sound, he might not sleep…  we will see.  Speaking of sleep things seem to be getting better.  Here is our current sleep schedule:

Wake at 7:15am
Nap 10am – 11am
Nap 2:30pm-4pm
Bed 8pm
Wakes once through the night (he might cry a tad in his sleep but is quiet again within a few minutes)

I think that is pretty good for now!  Especially considering it has only been 3 weeks since we have had him – 3 weeks today actually! 

Alex and I went to a really nice baby shower at my mom’s on Sunday – Thanks Mom!  Also thank you to my aunts, cousins and friends for the lovely gifts!  And to those who couldn’t make it because of the weather we will see you soon! 

Alex and my mom

Today was really fun – after morning nap, Alex and I went on an adventure – to the Library!  We got Alex his first card and used it for the first time too.  He got some board books and 2 Baby Einstein dvds.  Fun Fun Fun!  Of course, the card had to go straight into his mouth.

Alex and his Library Card

It really is amazing how things change in just a short 3 weeks.  Alex is growing – a lot!  There are some outfits that I think he will only get 1 or 2 wears out of before they won’t fit anymore.  We also have changed so much too – mainly we are tired.  I think once our colds are gone things will seem much better in that regard.  We are also much more scheduled.  In an attempt to become more organized, I have found these really cool Daily Docket printables from the Simple Mom website – they help you organize dinner, your to do’s, and any schedule musts.  Especially with a cold, I have forgotten the occasional to do, so I hope this helps!


Thanks for the suggestions on how to deal with Alex’s cold. I now know why everyone says you NEED a humidifier!  It’s going on the list.  On the upside he seems to be feeling much better – not as much of a runny nose at least – but a lot more drool.  He also had an adorable giggling fit after dinner – he learned how to use his sippy cup and thought it was the funniest thing!  Love him!!  On the downside is that both Matt and I feel it coming on.  I have a terribly sore throat and Matt has the sniffles.  Oh boy.  Off to the pharmacy…

Sick Baby

So our little man is sick.  I’ve never had to care for a sick baby before so this is all so new!  He mainly has a really funny noes and sneezes occasionally – poor guy!  Even with the lotion Kleenexs his nose is pretty red and tender.  I’ve started to add some Vaseline to it to ease some of the pain… We are also using saline drops and I think they are helping.  We will be getting a humidifier for sure after this!  Alex is down for nap #2 right now – this morning he napped for 2.5 hours.  He was so cranky!

So now I’m off to scrub the floor.  Tomorrow we have the fist social worker visit.  I know we are going to get slack about the baby gates…  We are working on it – but due to Alex’s cold and the snowstorm outside we havent’ been able to venture very far!

First Dr. Apt.

Today was Alex’s first Doctor’s appointment.  It was a date for just Alex and I – Matt unfortunately had to work.  Alex weighed in at 21lb 12oz – a big boy!   He also woke up today with a cold, runny nose and a bit of a cough, so luckily I was able to ask questions on how to care for a sick baby!   We were concerned about his belly button – if you remember from back in November we found out his navel was a little inflamed and he needed some special ointment – and it is still red.  The Dr. said that it was fine and to just continue with the ointment.  When we were there Alex spit up all over me – isn’t that the way!  Also last night during our mid night diaper change I think I must have scratched his back with my ring – either that or I haven’t trimmed his nails nearly enough!  So of course I got the “What do we have here” question… made me feel like a bit of a bad mommy.  All in all the doctors said Alex is doing perfect and he will see him again in 6 weeks!

Wish me luck with the nasal drops this afternoon…

Thank You SPL!

As many of you know I’m a Librarian at the Stratford Public Library and while we were in Korea, Karen from work created a wonderful book display to welcome little Alex to our family.   Thank you everyone at SPL for all of your love and support!

Welcome Baby Alex!

Happy Family Day!

Today in Canada is Family Day – Family Day is a day that you are supposed to spend enjoying time with your family. 

So from our family to yours, happy Family Day!

The Robinsons

We spent the day just hanging out together.  Alex has been bypassing his afternoon nap the last couple of days and as a result, has been waking only once in the night (around 11pm) for around an hour, and then sleeping in until almost 9am!  Love this little guy!  Matt has been on “night duty” this weekend so we will see how he reacts tonight to me being on.  We bought a stroller yesterday and took a nice walk this afternoon.  Unfortunately a little snow squall brew up while we were out, but we got home before Alex got too cold.  Matt’s trying to get baby gates up – but they are NOT EASY!  Our doorways are all uneven and some don’t have enough wall / banister space to put up a proper gate.  We will see what the social worker says on Friday on that one.