Rest of Day 2

So yesterday before we went to meet Alex we went to the EMart – something like a Walmart.  It was pretty cool – lots of interesting foods – a whole counter devoted to styles of kimchi, and lots of fish!  The really interesting thing was the walk there however. Here are a couple of neat pics.

After we got home from EMart, we got ready to go meet Alex! We went over to the SWS hospital and met our case worker.  She then packed us all in a van and we were driven about 30 minutes east of the city to the foster mom’s home.  It was on the 5th floor of a building – lots of stairs!

When she opened the door, we were ushered in and it took me a few seconds to realize that Alex was strapped to her back in a baby carrier!  We all sat on the floor, and Alex was put in front of us and he just looked at us with a “Robinson” look – he had just woken up, so he was kinda grouchy.  That didn’t last long.  Within a minute he was holding Matt’s finger and smiling.  He is so freaking cute!  Of course, earlier that day he had been trying to stand up and he fell, and banged his head, so he has a couple of bruises on his face.  Soon enough we were holding him – it was awesome.  He has very chunky feet and hands, and he is a very big boy.  I really don’t think the clothing we brought is going to fit him!  I packed 6-12 months (he turns 9 months this coming Monday), but he is already over 20lbs!!  Very sturdy little boy.  I am going to have massive muscles very shortly!


The foster mom served us a homemade rice juice (very good!) and some fruit and rice cakes (tasty – but chewy).  While we ate, I asked the questions about Alex and we found out he is quite the social baby.   He likes to stay up until midnight and wake up at 6 – he wants to be where the people are.  We will be changing his sleeping habits as soon as we can 😉

Alex was intrigued by me – he kept staring at me – perhaps the blue eyes.  He also loved my necklace and it quickly found its way into his mouth.  I think the Who Loves Baby album we had sent over helped in some brief recognition of us.  We have much more video footage of him than pictures, so when we get home we will break it down into photos and post them and some video.

Krista & Alex


It was hard to leave, but knowing that in just a few days we will have him forever made it somewhat easier.

One more pic of Alex… sorry – dont’ have my cropping software here.



After we got back we celebrated with a bottle of wine and talked about meeting Alex and how amazing it was.  Around 6:30 we went out to dinner at Yeoksam subway station.  There are a lot of great places to eat down there!  We went to a Korean /  Chinese restaurant and had rice bowls.  I made the bad move of ordering Kung Pow Chicken… VERY HOT!  Matt ended up eating most of it for us. The kimchi there was very tasty.  At the end of the meal, a bowl of grape frozen yogurt was served – AWESOME!  We keep trying to eat with the chopsticks, but usually within a few minutes, forks are being delivered.  We stick out so much! 

Anyhow, in bed by 9.

Today we will be going to Changdeokgun Place and Insadon Market to look for mementos to bring home.