We almost have all of the gifts to take bought.

For the Social Worker a pewter pin of a Canadian Goose and a “mint smoothie”
For the doormen a small box of chocolates each
For the nursers / SWS staff a larger box of chocolates
For the Foster Mom a silk scarf with a native Canadian print on it of 3 chickadees – one of which is flying away and a box of chocolates.

We also plan to get Habs tees today for the rest of the foster family and I want to get some tea for the foster mom too.   I’m also considering a book of photography of Stratford – but I just have to find it…  So depends on the time we have left.

The chocolates are from a company called Rheo Thompson’s Chocolates that is located in Stratford.  The chocolates are made here – and are AMAZING!  If you ever come to Stratford be sure to get some.

It is hard to decide what exactly to take.  There is nothing that can compare to the gift we are getting.

I cannot believe we leave in just 2.5 days!

6 responses

  1. Good gifts! That will be a difficult thing…to decide what to give. I’ve heard our agency helps gives suggestions, but one wants it to be unique & meaningful.

    Happy & Safe Travels! Hopefully you’ll be able to update via blog world from Seoul!

  2. I love this line: “There’s nothing that can compare to the gift we are getting.” I remember when we were gathering our gifts for everyone in Seoul and saying, time and time again, “how can we POSSIBLY find a gift appropriate for saying, ‘thank you for taking care of my child all this time!'” It was mind-boggling.

  3. I agree – good gift ideas!! (That SWS box of chocolate is *really* big… like bribe-size big, right?!) 😉

    I love the idea of the scarf… and the image is so sweet.

    Two days – EEKS! 😀

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