Sun, Rain and Ice

Well it looks like we will have a variety of weather when we are in Seoul. 

Thursday the forecast is rain, and a high of 6C.
Friday is rain and ice, 3C, but feels like -3C
Saturday is sun and clouds, high of 5C, but feels like -1C
Sunday is sunny, high of 2C  but feels like 6C!!
Monday is sunny, high of 3C, but feels like 7C!
Tuesday is sunny, high of 6C, but feels like 2C.
Wednesday is rain, high of 8C, but feels like 4C
Thursday is cloudy, high of 9C, but feels like 7C

The rain is not going to be nice – but what can you do? Guess I’m packing an umbrella.  And the good thing is that we are getting out of the -20C weather!  Not sure if we should pack boots – currently it is snowing… such a mixed bag!

Here is a link to AccuWeather’s forecast for Seoul if you are interested in seeing the forecast.

More Crafting for Alex!

Yes – I’ve been at it again!  This time my fabric of choice is fleece.

I have made a hat and a scarf to match his brown jacket:

Hat and Scarf


And a tie blanket

  no sew tie blanket

If you are looking for directions to make your own, be sure to visit – that’s my craftn’ blog.