What I’m Reading…

I just realized I haven’t shared recently what has been on my nightstand! 

Over the last little while I have read:

  • Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.  This was my first book by Picoult – and it won’t be my last!  This woman can write a story. 
  • A Good Woman by Danielle Steel.  This was the fist Danielle Steel I have read in a very long time.  I was intrigued by the era the book was set in – WWI.  From talking to others at work who read this one, the consensus is is that it is one of the better novels she has written in quite a while.
  • Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards.  This book is nominated for the Canada Reads competition – and is well deserved.  This Canadian novel is set in a very poor New Brunswick town and follows the life of the Henderson family as some try to do what’s right in life while others rebel. 
  • The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.   I didn’t love this book.  The story was good – but it somehow did not grab me like The Choice and At First Sight.  Worth a read though.
  • Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas.  This is what I’m currently reading.  It is set during WWII and evolves around a family who lives in a community where an internment camp for Japanese Americans has been set up.  Very interesting so far.

Books on my nightstand waiting to be read include:

  • Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
  • Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett
  • The Queen’s Fool by Phillipa Gregory

I know – you are all laughing – when are you going to read those!  You have a 9 month old baby coming home in just over 2 weeks!  Oh I will find the time – it is one thing that I need in my life.  I’ve always been a reader and will always be a reader – even if it is a few pages a day.  And I don’t get library fines so I don’t feel too bad if I return it late 😉

Oh boy…


Yep – Mason and the leftovers of a box of chocolates.  I discovered this when I came home last night…

Yes – we know they are poisonous to dogs – luckily Mason had no reaction.

I should also really put away the nutcracker… I should also really turn off our Christmas lights out front… they look so pretty though.