So here it is – Alex’s nursery.

Nursery part 1

Nursery part 2

Any ideas on ironing black out blinds?  I don’t have a steamer – and I’m afraid the synthetic liner might melt…

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  1. I sometimes use the steamer on my iron, and just keep it from touching the curtains…Seems to work.

    I am assuming you made the quilt for his crib too! It is GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see pictures of Alex bouncing up and down in that crib!

  2. Alex is going to absolutely LOVE his room! It looks like such a safe, happy, and calm place to be! I noticed your collection of books for Alex on the shelf. I am sure that Alex will look forward to snuggling with you on the rocking chair and listening to all of those wonderful stories.

  3. Love love love it!! 🙂 Just looking at this makes me so happy!

    As for ironing… my first path is to place a vaporizer under them (for the steam) if that doesn’t work… then I go to Shelley’s method. If we are talking about pleated shades, then I just keep the shades completely open, and that seems to work… good luck!

  4. it looks fabulous… i’m so happy for you guys!
    to take out the wrinkles iron it but put a damp cotton cloth over it first and that will work just keep the cloth damp the whole time and you’ll be ok.

  5. alex’s nursery looks beautiful, krista. i love the browns and the blues, and i’m curious about the 2 prints above his crib? also, i have ironed the face of our black out blinds with just a warm iron, after misting them a bit with water from a spray bottle. no melting on the flip side. 🙂 soon, there’ll be a baby boy in the gorgeous room!

  6. Well done – you posted pics just as you said you would. I was also pleased to notice one of the books we got you on the shelves! Tres chic!

  7. Beautiful room, GORGEOUS quilt!! It must be so unbelievable to think that Alex will be sleeping in that crib so soon! I am so happy for you guys, and I can’t wait to follow your trip.

  8. Not many more sleeps until you travel! What an exciting time. With all this going on, you still found time to send me a wonderful inspiring message on my blog! Thanks for that!
    Keep us posted! Have a wonderful trip, can’t wait for you guys!
    Take care, and thanks again.

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