When, Where, What

So here are the details as I have them now…


We will be leaving Toronto on January 27 at 19:50, arrive at JFK at 21:35.  We then leave JFK for Seoul at 00:50.  We arrive in Seoul at 05:00 on January 29 (their time) – so we lose a day (that’s ok – one less day to wait before we meet Alex!)

We will be staying at the Social Welfare Society Guest House in the larger family room.   We do not know yet when we will meet Alex for the first time, but hopefully on the 30th!  I don’t think I could wait all weekend!

We will leave Seoul  on February 5th at 20:55 and arrive in Toronto at 19:45 on February 5th (we gain back that lost day!).  This is a direct flight which will be nice!  The Children’s Bridge has arranged the travel, so I’m not sure what airline we are dealing with – I think it is Korean Air.

It would have been nice to travel earlier, however most of the flights to Korea are already sold out!  People must be going early for the Lunar New Year Celebrations! 

We also needed to arrange for Korean Won.  I went to the bank and ordered up some spending money for when we are in Seoul, and it won’t be available until next Wednesday.

And, we are still in the process of interviewing for my job!  It would be nice to have someone in place so I can do some orientation… but it is looking more and more like that won’t be happening.  My last day at work is going to be January 23.

So in 2 weeks – we will be in South Korea!!  and in 3 weeks, we will be home! We waited exactly 2 months for our travel call.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support over the last few months, and especially over the past few days –  it has meant the world to us.  And we can’t wait to share the next leg of our adventure!!