And the winner is…

# 7!!  (via random number generator – sorry no photoshop here for screenshots)
Belinda you are the proud new owner of “A Monster at the End of this Book – Starring, Lovable, Furry old Grover!”  Belinda’s favourite childhood book was David’s Father by Robert Munsch.  Belinda – I’m sure Adam will love it – and you must share the story with you new nephew Daniel!  I will e-mail you for your mailing address.

4 responses

  1. Oh man. I’m on pins and needles for you, waiting for your travel call!!! Keep checking in, hopeful for good news. I know how it is to be in your shoes and so far you guys seem to be keeping your sanity 🙂

  2. Omg that book was a favorite of mine as well! Thanks for sharing your story. We are waiting to travel to Korea to pick up our little girl. We have been told the end of this month! Gosh we may be there at the same time. Best of everything to you!!


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