Just looked at the ticker on the right of our blog and today marks exactly 9 months since we started the adoption process, and 1 month and 3 weeks waiting since our LONO was sent to Korea.
9 months… so when is my water going to break?

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  1. So you got your referral when we were in Korea….maybe your travel notice will come this week when Barb and Andy are in Korea!! It definitely is not too early since we got our travel notice 6.5 weeks post LONO!! We are really hoping!

  2. We live right near Angel Worn. It’s a great place. If you’re not too busy on Jan. 10 some of the families from this area are getting together. There is one family from Stratford coming. It is at Sandhills Public School 1250 Victoria Street drop in from 2:30 to 5:30. It is near Fisher-Hallman and Victoria. We love babies and have 2 more gatherings planned in the future. We’d love to meet Alex!!! I post them on the Children’s Bridge chat room.

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