The Complete Book of Korean Cooking

Complete Book of Korean CookingThe Complete Book of Korean Cooking by Young Jin Song is a fantastic book. 

The book begins by describing the Korean landscape, culture, history, eating traditions and etiquette, and much more.  The rest of the book contains many recipes and cooking techniques, with amazing photos, and even a whole section on various types of kimchi.  The recipes are *very* authentic, (ie. calling for a large octopus).  Unfortnately our local grocery stores do not carry many Korean items in the International Foods sections, so many recipes would be difficult for us to try, but for those in larger cities, this may be a great recipe book for you!

3 responses

  1. I actually have that cookbook! We have been cooking a Korean meal every time we move down on the waitlist! So far everything we have tried has been wonderful! I haven’t gone as far as the octopus though…

  2. Where can I get this book in England and the price?
    My Daughter has just returned from South Korea
    and has found a shop in Bristol where she can buy Korean ingredients but needs a good cookbook.

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