Goodbye 2008… Hello 2009!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful night – we sure did.  We had a progressive dinner with 2 sets of neighbours.  Lots of fun, lots of food, and some Rock Band! 

2008… it was a year of ups and downs for sure.

Visited New York City and ate at John’s Pizzeria (THE BEST!) and went to Wicked!
Got our call to start the adoption process!!
Started this blog and have now feel that we have a great adoption support group and have met many wonderful new friends
Visited Cleveland (not sure if this really was an “up”, but it was something kinda fun)
Opened my etsy store (2 real sales so far!)
Matt got his braces off
Got our referral for Alex!!
Decided to adopt again!

Had surgery and discovered the full extent of my endometriosis
Our air conditioner broke and needed to be replaced
We both had food poisoning in Cleveland
Waiting for our referral and for our baby to come home was hard…  thank goodness there is an end in site!
Computer died
Our fence blew down (it is now standing temporarily until spring)

We can not wait for 2009 to really begin – it is going to be such an amazing year!  I can’t believe this month we will be travelling to South Korea and getting Alex – what a blessing.  For those who are still waiting, I pray that your referrals come soon.  I am l0oking forward to sharing much more of our lives this year!!