How Alex is Growing

According to, in the 4th week of the 7th month:
“Your baby’s emotions are becoming more obvious. Over the next few months, she may learn to assess and imitate moods and might show the first stirrings of empathy. For instance, if she hears someone crying, she may start crying too. And even though your baby’s just beginning to learn about her emotions, she’s picking things up from you. Over the many months (and years) to come, your child will likely copy the way she sees you treat people.”

He should also be able to:

  • Sit without support
  • Drag objects toward himself
  •  Lunge forward or start crawling
  • Jabber or combine syllables
  • Starts to experience stranger anxiety
  • Wave goodbye
  • Stand while holding onto something
  • Bang objects together
  • Begin to understand object permanence  

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