Can you say global warming?

What a morning.

Around 7am, Matt and I woke up to hear some intense wind – which was getting stronger and stronger.  The windows were shaking, and it almost sounded like a train outside.  So, like any tornado junkie would do, I looked out the window – to find a good portion of our fence – MISSING!  7 sections were down, 1 aside our deck, and 6 on the outside of the property.  This sucks.  I had to call the insurance agent this morning and they will be sending an adjuster out tomorrow to assess the damage.  All day the wind is supposed to be close to 90-100km winds – this is not normal.  




You might also notice that there is no snow – it all melted from the torrential rain we’ve been having.  Christmas Eve there was a THUNDER STORM!  Snow, Rain, Wind?  What a change from my post on the 22nd.  I cannot believe anyone would question global warming.

And it is still supposed to snow today.

And the neighbours just called – a large dopey skunk is wandering the back fence line…