I can not believe it is the 23rd of December already!  The time is flying by!  I took this week off so that I could hopefully enjoy the holidays.  Today however I was a total Grinch – why do you ask?  Because I ventured to the mall – I know I’m crazy right?  Well, last night we got home rather late from Buffalo – and the drive wasn’t very nice (it has not stopped snowing since Sunday morning and we are still supposed to have 15 more cm by tomorrow – then it is going to warm right up to 7 Celsius – and rain!)  So anyhow, Matt got up early to put out our garbage and recycling, only to find we were out of garbage tags – and he had to go get some.  When he got home, he realized that we once again did not have any heat!  Turns out the furnace vents to the outside were blocked (so much snow!), and the pilot had gone out.   So, I felt sorry for Matt and decided to finish his Christmas shopping.  Shouldn’t have been hard, only 2 gifts to get – but all of the things that I had envisioned were sold out.  Who would have thought it would be so hard to find a game of Operation!  I ended up with Chutes and Ladders ala Dora and Diego.  11 stores and 4 hours later, I finally got home (the mall is only 10 minutes away).  I was kinda grouchy. 

But I want to turn my mood around!  So here is a little Christmas joy from around our house.  I’m a big Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer fan, and our tree is covered with the characters from the movie.  So here are a few, as well as my favourite sparkly decoration – the big lipped fish, and some of my nutcrackers.  You will also see a little Mr & Mrs Claus kissing – that is a set I made in ceramics – about 18 years ago (I am so getting old!).  There is also a pic of Alex that we just love – the tongue sticking out is priceless, and a picture of me from the first day of school.  Sorry – I haven’t figured out how to take a good picture of the tree yet and the ornaments have a lot of glare from the flash (but it is blurry with no flash – I can’t win!).

 2 more sleeps!

P.S. The hockey game was pretty good – 4-3 for the Penguins.  Matt’s dad’s tickets are 7 rows up behind the home net – great seats – and we got to see the winning goal up close, tipped in Crosby!  Just what we went to see… the Sabres fans weren’t too happy though.

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  1. Shopping at this time of year is definitely not fun! It can make anyone grumpy! Your tree is absolutely beautiful! I really like all of your Rudolph ornaments.

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