Snowmageddon update

Yes – Snowmageddon hit today. It was wild! There were cars stuck in the streets, the roads were not plowed, and then when they were, people were snowed into their spots! Tonight when I left work, the snow had stopped, but when I went to the parking lot, a car was stuck, right behind me – with no owner to be found! Luckily while I was bitching about it to my co-worker,  a man came out… of a church (oops!)… to “go pick up Betty” – the car was his.   I was about to go start knocking on doors to find an owner. 

Thank goodness for snow tires – I’m sure that was the only reason I got home safely was the fact that we have snow tires on the SUV – for those in warmer areas, snow tires provide more traction 🙂 They are butt ugly – but they work!

Travel Call! Don’t worry – not us yet!

Yeah! Barbara & Andy got their travel call today!   They are one of the amazing families we have met through our adoption process.  Barb and Andy will be travelling on January 5th to bring home their precious Daniel. What an amazing Christmas present!
We both deal with the same agency, and we are in line after them (they were 31, we are 32 for 2008)… So, that mean’s hopefully we are next!