14, 15, 16…

Where is the time going?!  I can’t believe it is Tuesday night already – 4 more days of work until a week off – and I need it!  Today the posting for my job during my leave was posted, so if you know of an Information Technology Librarian looking for a 10 month placement in the Stratford area, let me know…

A few things that have been going on:

  1. I bought a diaper bag!  The Borsa Mamma by Peg Perego.  I got it in black so that Matt will actually use it.  It converts to a backpack too which I thought was pretty cool.
  2. Our neighbours Joni & Steve gave us their highchair and a railing for the bed once Alex gets into a “big boy bed”.  (We didn’t get the toddler bed conversion kit when we bought Alex’s crib.)
  3. I put up a print in the nursery – it is of “The Gift” – you may have seen it before.  It was given to me after my dad passed away, and I thought the angel could now look over Alex.
  4. I made soup!  I am not a chef by any means… but this was easy – and VERY tasty!  It is a cheesy potato soup that was posted on Little Birdie Secrets – a great crafting blog.  I didn’t try the bread bowl – but served it with some nice multi-grain bread… I hope you enjoy it too!
  5. Today marks 30 days post LONO – over half way to our travel call!  I hope….
  6. Oh… and I had another Etsy sale!  My second!  Woo Hoo!