11, 12, & 13

Sorry – not alot going on, so I havnen’t make my daily post.  Not sure how I started posting daily this December – it wasn’t anything I was planning… but I will try to continue.

So Matt’s parents have generously offered to buy Matt and I a glider / rocking chair for the nursery!  Pat, Matt’s mom, and I searched all over Stratford last weekend for a rocker – nothing.  They were either very old fashioned (meaning they should belong in a nursing home – not a nursery), or insane expensive.  So, last night we went down to Babies R Us in Kitchener – and they had one that even included the ottoman – for a very decent price!  So, it is now sitting in Alex’s nursery!  Thanks Pat and Dale!

Tonight is my work’s Christmas party – a pot-luck at a staff member’s house.  This is the first time in 7 years that I haven’t planned the party – now I should be able to enjoy it!

Matt mentioned on the way home from Babies R Us last night that he hasn’t felt the whole holiday thing yet this year.  I think it is because we are thinking and planning for January and for when Alex is coming home – we are not focusing on what’s happening in the now.   He’s gone fishing this morning – I think I might go downtown and revel in the holiday madness – Stratford has a beautiful and relatively thriving downtown (mainly due to the summer theatre visitors).  Then I might get the holiday bug bite.  Or perhaps some more eggnog will help out?

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  1. I just got your post on our blog. I guess I am feeling extra sensitive today. Your comment about the red thread getting shorter brought tears to my eyes! Thanks! It’s so nice to write back and forth with someone who totally understands the crazy emotions.
    Perhaps my computer blowing up is a sign! Goodnews? I too know a couple of people that had major computer issues right around referal time… go figure eh?
    Hope Mason is feeling better! Our dog Johnson is curled up beside me. He loves Saturdays! Have fun at your Christmas party. Downtown Stratford is gorgeous. I’ve only been a couple of times, but love it. It’s beautiful. Do they do it all up for Christmas? Hope so! Imagine how much holiday spirit you and your husband will have next Christmas! Alex will be home and thriving. We all know that the true meaning of Christmas is in the silly grins of children at this time of year!
    Have a great day. Thanks again for the wonderful post on our blog. You made my day!

    • Hi Lisa – have you seen the print about the red thread? I bought it for my hubby for Valentines – It’s available on Etsy – http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_list_2&listing_id=18055192 Can’t go wrong for $15! We have it on the wall beside our bed, reminding us every night and every morning that the string is getting shorter 🙂
      Stratford is all glammed up for the holidays – lots of lights, garland and bows. I didn’t see them today, but I think there are carollers wondering the streets. So much fun! I got my christmas coffee this morning, so things are getting festive!

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