I work the late shift today, so this morning turned out to be very productive.  I think it helps when there are not prime time tv shows on…

  • I was able to start… and finish the Thank You cards for the baby shower, and complete about half of the Christmas cards – AND get them all in the mail!]  I did this while watching Adoption Stories – a repeat, but still it is nice to have an alternative to all those birthing shows.
  • I put together a decorative pot of evergreens for our front step (I’d take a picture but it is freezing rain out and well… I don’t want to get wet)
  • I finished a felt brooch that I started a few weeks ago – and I’m even wearing it today!

I think that is pretty good for a Tuesday morning!

Update on yesterday – didn’t get to watch Charlie Brown and do our Christmas cards.  Instead Matt and I went to Waterloo and bought a camcorder!  That way we can film bits of our trip to Korea and have video memories for Alex when he gets older.  We also got a few goodies for Alex – a jacket, some shirts… oh I can’t wait until we get him home!  Matt also went to Canadian Tire and bought an Eddie Bower car seat (22lb-80lb) – $70 off – great deal!

I think I’m going to like Matt not coaching hockey – he has much more time to spend with me at home, and help get things ready for our little man! Wait until he sees the tasks on the honey do list…. 😉