Today my girlfriends threw us a lovely baby shower!  I was so happy that all my close friends were able to attend.  We had lots to eat, and I think this was the only shower we’ve held where the mother to be was able to drink a glass of wine!  We received the ever important Diaper Genie, a baby wipe warmer, forks & spoons, cups, bibs, Robeeze slippers, books, toys, a baby hygiene kit, towels, and even a baby Kleen Kanteen (that matches mine!), and much more.  Thank you everyone for being so generous and supportive.  I love you all!  Unfortunately I seem to be making crazy faces in most of the pictures, so is one that that worked 

Sarah and I

This is a picture of Sarah and I – Sarah hosted the shower.  Thanks Sarah!

Melinda also brought over a pack and play and a play pen for us to use!  She also brought a tote full of toys and crib add ons that I’m sure Alex will thoroughly enjoy.


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