Today my girlfriends threw us a lovely baby shower!  I was so happy that all my close friends were able to attend.  We had lots to eat, and I think this was the only shower we’ve held where the mother to be was able to drink a glass of wine!  We received the ever important Diaper Genie, a baby wipe warmer, forks & spoons, cups, bibs, Robeeze slippers, books, toys, a baby hygiene kit, towels, and even a baby Kleen Kanteen (that matches mine!), and much more.  Thank you everyone for being so generous and supportive.  I love you all!  Unfortunately I seem to be making crazy faces in most of the pictures, so is one that that worked 

Sarah and I

This is a picture of Sarah and I – Sarah hosted the shower.  Thanks Sarah!

Melinda also brought over a pack and play and a play pen for us to use!  She also brought a tote full of toys and crib add ons that I’m sure Alex will thoroughly enjoy.



Yesterday was a very interesting day.

  • I woke up at 3am with food poisoning – who would have thought a slice of Pizza Pizza pizza could do that to a person…
  • Woke up at 7:30am to find the house at 56 degrees… the furnace stopped working!  And yesterday was the coldest day this winter by far.  By 2pm we had spent $400 for a new ignitor and a furnace guy’s time and a half…
  • Went shopping for a rocker for the nursery with Matt’s mom – they have offered to get us one!  We think we have found one that will work, but Matt needs to have a see first. 
  • Had a raclette meal for the first time with Pat and Dale – lots of fun!  We searched all day for raclette cheese, but there wasn’t even a slice of it in all of Stratford.  We ended up with another type of stinky swiss cheese.  We also had a lot of wine…
  • Matt stepped down as coach for the minor hockey team he’s been coaching.  Too much of a soap opera there.  Let me just say that there is a lot of truth to the stories you hear about hockey parents.

Anyhow, let’s hope today is a better day!  I have a baby shower to go to at 2pm – can’t wait!