4 + 5

So yesterday was a great day (for the most part)!  I was so excited to find that I made my first Etsy sale!  That put a huge smile on my face.  I have had personal orders for my Weirdos from my friends, but this was the first online sale.  Yeah!  Yesterday was also 8 months since we got the call that we could start our home study.   I can’t believe that we have accomplished so much in 8 months.   I however started to come down with a cold mid afternoon, and felt crappy for the rest of the day… I did get to watch Grey’s Anatomy, but not with my girlfriends like we normally do (didn’t want them to get sick).   Just have to say – Izzy and Denny – that is just getting too weird.  Also, I’ve had my throat cut open, and there is no way that woman would be laughing and hugging anyone that soon after surgery.

An update on the package we sent to Alex.  We didn’t send it through Purolator.  Matt went there – the girl at the counter though Korea was a city – and asked what country it was in.  Then she tried to tell him it would be $112 to send the box.  So, he said forget that and went to Canada Post.  There there were 3 rates – $12 for regular mail.  $30 for Priority, and $60 for Priority Express.  We went with Priority.  We just want him to have the package for Christmas, and not have it break the bank.  So, if you are going to be sending your package to your little one – you might want to consider your local postal service… you don’t get a tracking number, but it is affordable.

Today, I’m going to get my hair done – can’t wait!  I need a make over.  We also will be going to the PLOW benefit concert tonight.  Should be fun!

The nursery is not done, but it is getting there.  Christine made a great  suggestion at sneak peaks.  So, here is one of the crib with the quilt!  We will be dropping the mattress to the lowest level before Alex arrives, and since you wont’ see the hardware then, I’m going to forget about the crib skirt – saves me time!

4 responses

  1. LOVE the quilt!! And it looks awesome with the paint color!

    What a good point about not needing a crib skirt. Hmmm…

    I’m getting irritated with Grey’s myself… mostly because of that Izzy story line. Enough already!

  2. Love the quilt – I wish I had quilting skills in my repertoire!
    Oh, and the shipping story CRACKED me up – I thought we had all the idiots here in the U.S. Apparently you have some up north too?
    Ok you Grey’s people… I’m not a watcher, so I’m curious – do you watch Lost as well???

  3. ugh. izzy + denny = creepy! i thought that whole saga was going to be over when she scrubbed in with alex for his solo surgery, but then denny had to pop up in the o.r. i’m sick of it!!!

    love the nursery colors. blue + brown = so cute.

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