Give-Away Day!

Did you know that December 3rd is Give-Away Day 2008?  Well, I read Sew, Mama, Sew!, an amazing craft and sewing blog and discovered that it is!  I like to think I’m kinda crafty – not as good as many of those on the Sew Mama Sew blog – but hey, it’s the effort that counts right?

Anyhow, today I would like to participate in Give-Away Day.  I’m going to Give-Away one of the first Wacky Wabbit’s I made.  He is a cute blue flannel wacky wabbit who would love a little one to tug on his arms, legs, and crazy ears. 

Wacky WabbitHe was made with love 🙂

Anyhow, leave a comment below on Wednesday December 3rd about how you are going to “give back” this holiday season – whether it is giving to a toy drive, food bank, sponsoring a family, a soldier, or buying a pig (you can do this through World Vision!).  I will be doing a random draw on Thursday December 4th for the winner.  I will ship internationally through regular mail.

97 responses

  1. We have gathered up heaps of things for our local charity and hopefully it will make this time of the year a little easier for someone who needs a hand.

  2. I’ve donated a good bit of our old clothes to a local charity recently, and I’ll be doing the same with some old toys and books to make room for the new stuff!

    That little guy is adorable! Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

  3. First… I spy something behind Wacky Wabbit!!! Can’t wait to see that in all of it’s glory!

    Cool give-away! Hmmmm…. what am I doing? Cards for the troops (home and away), donating a meal to a local family in need… I feel like there is something else, but my mind isn’t working yet!

  4. As I said before… adorable!
    I just love him. I know Lauryn would too.

    However… what about if your give away goes to someone who is able to send a care package to their adoptive child? That way your good deed turns into another good deed!

    Krista, you are very creative! I love this blog! It has become part of my morning ritual!

    Goodluck everyone!

  5. goodness, i need to buy a pig! We’re continuing our recycling efforts, and each picked a kid to give a gift to this year from our church’s tree.

  6. we adopt a few local families at work through the boys and girls club. Our department typically takes one persons Christmas list and purchases all of the items on it. It’s fun! Then after all departments turn in their gifts for all of the families involved we have a big gift wrapping party then take the items over to the center the next day.

  7. I am reading books to young children at a social service agency and helping individuals who are mentally challenged learn to cook. I thought these activities were perfect for me since I am a school teacher and I love reading to children. It’s been very rewarding!

  8. We work the day before christmas at a soup kitchen for
    women and children… it helps the kids to learn the
    christmas spirit. And they always take toys to give
    too. I hope you are all safe and warm.
    Take care all.
    Rane and kids

  9. Love the wabbit rabbit. This year I have filled two shoe boxes for operation christmas child, written a christmas card for someone in need (sent with a donation through the Salvation Army). I sponsor a little boy called Ablaye in Senegal through World Vision and we sent him a kite as his Christmas present along with a donation. I am also knitting a square for a charity christmas blanket organised through ravelry.

  10. After Christmas we are hoping to help out at the mission. So many are willing to help out during Christmas, but afterwords they seem to fade away. January is probably a bit of a lonely time, so we thought that might be a good time.

    That lil’ wacky wabbit is adorable! I’ve been hoping to make little critters like that (whom I fondly call monsters) out of socks and scraps. I still have yet to make any, though. 🙂

    Hope you have a happy Christmas!
    Miss Emily Rose

  11. what a great idea! my son would love the bunny! we already have our gifts bought to donate for the nursery school toy drive and I also will be baking special treats for my son’s nursery school class and for all the teachers!

  12. How am I giving back this CHristmas? I bought a goat for my SIL- she bought us one last year and has absolutely everything. I’ll also be donating some food to people in need around us here xoxox

  13. Awww, how cute! This year we participated in a toy drive for an orphanage in Guatemala, helped put together newborn kits for needy mothers at our local hospital, and donated gift cards for needy families.

  14. this year i am making up about 15 dog and cat sized quilts and donating them to my local animal shelter. I am a huge animal person and know that it will be nice for the cats and dogs to get a little homemade love this holiday season too.

  15. So cute!

    We’re giving back in a few different ways this year. Lots of food to the foodbank, Toys for Tots, a gift request from the tree, some chicks from Heifer International, and a couple of gift certificates for loved ones to use on Kiva.

    ‘Tis the season!

  16. My little nephew would just love that rabbit! This Christmas I am giving back by raising money to sponsor and Income Generating Project for one of my sponsor families. This will be the third project I have set up. It provides the family with a means of setting up their own businesses and providing a steady income. You can read all about it over on my blog. 🙂 I love my sponsor kids so much & really hope to give them a happy Christmas.

  17. so cute! we are giving back as much as possible this year because there are so many in need. we’re donating new coats to the shelter, and lots of games to toys for tots. these organizations are having real trouble getting donations in these tough times, but every little bit helps!!

  18. That is the cutest thing! I’m sponsoring a drive at my church for a local domestic women’s and children’s shelter. I’m taking the group of young girls I am in charge of to collect items and buy new toys for the Christmas “boutique” the shelter hosts for its residents!

  19. Absolutely cute wacky wabbit! I am a volunteer board member for our local United Way, and I enjoy giving back to the community all year long. Christmas is an especially tough time on our local families, so we all spend long hours raising funds and volunteering at the soup kitchen and for Santa’s Helpers. It’s a good feeling to know that you’ve given part of yourself back to those in need.

  20. I will be handmaking almost all our gifts this year and purchasing handmade gifts from Etsy crafters. This way I can try and help someone to make a few extra dollars to get by this year.

  21. I think this is the cutest giveaway I’ve seen today :o)
    This year I’m giving a little bit back by sending in extra money to both my World Vision and Compassion sponsor kiddos for Christmas. :o)

  22. I’m going to help with some gifts for folks in church who have it rough this year…a handmade gift or two, some freshing baked pumkin bread.

    I think this little guy belongs to my future son, don’t you? How cute. Thanks for sharing through the giveaway!

  23. My children get to choose a gift from Samaritan’s purse in honor of a family member. We are sponsoring a family as a Bible study and my MOPS group is doing a food drive.

  24. Look at your response!! So amazing! We will be making a contribution to our school’s food drive and donating a little more money than usual to our favourite charities, Children’s Bridge Foundation being one of well as Beginnings Adoption Agency and Samaritan’s Purse!

  25. My daughter would love that! We are going to donate to a family in need, and have already given food to the food bank this holiday season.

  26. I’m going to sew lots of “surprise” stuff for my family. Don’t tell them, though, cause they don’t know anything about my plans!!


  27. I don’t do much volunteering outside our home now. My husband is chronically ill with Multiple Sclerosis and needs full time care. This year, because finances are so tight, everyone (my adult children) is forgoing gifts so that our youngest (12 y.o.) can have a good Christmas. We’re focusing on family relationships this year.

    I think my little niece ( 10 months) would love your cute little monster….it would be a great gift from my daughter to my niece.

  28. I’d like soooo much to win your great giveaway, this guy is simply delightful and it should be a perfect gift for my birthday (yes, yes, it’s tomorrow, 4th of december! :o)…)…so I’ll keep my fingers crossed, goodness knows if Fortune will smile on me! ;o)

    A big hug from Italy and thanks again so much for this chance!

  29. So cute! My extended family has an account at MEDA where we fund micro-credit loans. We’ve been able to do 9 loans so far and will do more this Christmas!

  30. May not be much but we always donate food and money to our local food bank. We try to give as much as we can, money wise as many food banks have a really strong buying power (ie for every $1 you donate here they can buy $3 worth of food).


  31. Wow! Look at the replies!! I’m am definitely getting excited/nervous?? about the trip. Thanks so much for the golden opportunity. And of course thanks to my great hubby! Maybe my “giving away” will take place on the trip. Love you both & our new little grandson Alex.

  32. Please put me in the draw, you are very generous. I have had to remind myself that I am financially still better off than a lot of others and will continue my Word Vision donations. I am doing a new budget and see how I can cut back.

  33. What a sweet little rabbit with a big heart! We donate food to the food bank and play Secret Santa to one family in need each year. It is a good lesson to teach my five year old, that the holidays are much more about giving than receiving!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  34. The Wacky Wabbit is too cute!
    My mom and I always give back through food drives. Last year we filled up an entire grocery cart with delicious goodies, and we plan to do the same again this year!

  35. My daughter would love this!
    We do the World Vision gift catalog with our kids, and I love Angel Tree through Prison Fellowship too! And next week my sons are going to sing with our church at a nursing home, which is one of my favorite things.

  36. This Wacky Wabbit is too cute! We’re having our kids buy gifts from the Samaritans purse catalog this year rather than buying gifts within our family…

    crazydavises at gmail dot com

  37. Oh, so cute!

    We went through all of our old kid winter stuff and we’re donating a whole bunch to coats for kids. We also donate to toy drives, food drives, the Salvation Army, and our girl scout troop is sponsoring a family.

  38. I picked the a 14 year old girl from the giving tree at our local mall. I’m not sure what I’ll get her, but I figured that people are probably mostly picking the little kids and ignoring the teenagers.

  39. we will donate some new toys that the boys will help pick out, we also do service projects through cub scouts. our church will be hosting the homeless for the week of christmas and we will help to serve and care for them.

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