Today is Alex’s 7 month birthday – Happy Birthday little one!  I can’t wait to be able to say that to him in person… I’m praying we will be with him for his 9 month birthday… it is amazing to think that we should be travelling next month to Korea to get him forever!  I’ve been trying to put the wait time into the shortest sounding time period… I think that 6-7 weeks doesn’t sound too bad…  Next month is puts me in a good mood too – we all know how quickly December can fly!

Now, I know we are really late, but today we sent our care package to Alex.  I have been slowly adding things, so now it is complete, packaged up, and should be in a Purolator truck bound for the airport.  I hope he gets it for Christmas.   We sent him a Blue Wacky Wabbit, a set of pjs, a onesie, a blanket, a disposable camera, and a “Who Loves Baby” album with a pic of Alex, Matt and I, Mason, and our house.

I must admit – I have turned into the Grinch the last few days – grouchy, moody, and I think Matt has had enough with me…  I don’t know what is wrong… but I need to cheer up!  So, I’ll share with you something that Matt and I generally do during December that is kinda fun.  We like to drive around our old neighbourhoods, and we go deer hunting.  We count the number of those metal deer that are prelit on people’s lawns… moose count as 2.  It is really amazing (and scary) how many are around the Stratford area…  Perhaps doing this tonight might make me smile 😉