What’s been happening…

Well Matt’s mom was sure surprised yesterday – Matt’s dad told her he was giving her a trip to South Korea for Christmas!  Yep, Pat will be coming with Matt and I in January to pick up our little Alex.  We really think she is going to have a blast! She has had 4 boys, so I’m sure she will be used to a crying baby 🙂

We have curtains up in the nursery, and the shelves are almost there – by Friday they should be in place.  Also we’ve been given a booster seat for Alex to use once he gets a little older.  It was given to us by a very nice lady named May.  Sadly May’s husband died last Thursday – they had been married for many years and were a lovely couple.  I had taught May and her husband how to use the computer a few years ago, and my mom knows them quite well – so that was a nice surprise.

Lastly, I finally watched Sex and the City the movie.  Tonight I came home from work, cooked a pizza, poured a glass of wine and watched it.  Ate the pizza, drank 2 glasses of the wine, and cried or laughed through the whole movie.  Luckily Matt was not home – I really dont’ think it would have been his type of movie, but I loved it.

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  1. oh, i loved satc, too… actually, when we were expecting emmett, my husband and i watched the ENTIRE SERIES together. i took him to the movie for his birthday in june. lots of laughing and crying on my part, too. LOVE that your husband’s mom is going to make the trip to s. korea with you! when we travel, my husband is going to stay home with our boys, and my mom is going to come with me. what a special grandma treat!!!!

  2. That’s great, Krista! An experience mom/grandma is definitely needed when bringing home a new one – my mom stayed with us for several days when we had Harrison and then Emily stayed for a night, too – looking back, I’m wondering if we were afraid to be alone with him??? ha ha ha

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