Homemade Pledge

I have taken the Homemade Pledge this year.  The Homemade Pledge is the pledge to “buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me”.  And pretty much I’ve been abiding by my pledge.  I’ve been making quilts (pictures!), buying from Etsy, and buying gifts that make a difference like books and things that are good for the environment. (I have to be vague or certain people will not have surprises this holiday season!).  I am also making calendars this year for some of those smaller gifts, and I’m venturing into felt broaches… just have to find pin backs…  So, in other words I’ve been busy! 

I hope you too consider taking the Homemade Pledge.  Or at least give gifts that make a difference (World Vision, Unicef, Kiva, Ten Thousand Villages

Another small thing I’m going to do is buy a “Yes You Can Wish Me A Merry Christmas” pin.  These pins are a local imitative that will support the Simple Dreams Team – a local program that provides Christmas dinner to thousands of Russian orphans at McDonalds.  The Kneiders (my old neighbours) and some other Stratfordites will be travelling to Moscow in January 2009 – this is their sixth trip.  Many children are also fitted out with a new set of clothing – a real luxury in many cases.  $5 can make a huge difference!

P.S. Stay tuned to our blog the week of December 3rd – Blog Give Away Day!

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