Mason Has Perked Up

Thank you for the suggestions on how to deal with Mason and his new goal to rip apart everything in site.  He now is either sleeping on our bed (taking up about half of my side) or sleeping on a pad in our room – he did that before the move of the spare bed as well, but he usually slept in the spare room for half a night.  Mason is really a people dog and wants to be close to us – so unfortunately sleeping in the basement on the spare bed wouldn’t work for him.   He does still lie on it while I’m sewing so he gets some comfort there. br>
I think part of the problem was that he was missing the squeaker in his “ticken” – his favourite toy.  Ticken is a rubber chicken that squeaks – we usually buy 2-3 of them when we see them, because in a month or so it will be demo’d.  He runs around the house, banging it on the floor to make it squeak, and trying to get you to play catch.  He would play for hours with that thing if he could – sadly the squeaking can really drive you crazy so after a while Ticken will need to be put up.  But since the new Ticken, no messes, that works for me!  $5 well spent.

Mason and Ticken

Mason and Ticken

Mommy, Please Play!

Mommy, Please Play!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Mason is adorable! What a sweet face. Aren’t brittanys the best? All dogs are great, of course, but there is just something special about a brit!

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