So, sad news has come in.  With our agency, there is a minimum of 30 visas that will be issued in 2008.  However, a very nice couple we have come to know, are #31.  Which means, even though they had their paperwork in for weeks now, they might not be able to get their travel call until January 2009.  I can’t imagine how frustrated they must be – expecting their little one home by the holidays, and now they will be waiting almost another month to bring him home.   I’m so glad our agency keeps us informed about this – I can’t imagine waiting and being unsure of what is going on.

We think we are probably #32 or #33 on the list – but because of when our LONO was issued, we expect to get our travel call in early January anyhow.  One good thing is that perhaps we will be in Korea at the same time…

B, A, & D you are in our thoughts.

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  1. OH NO! Just when you are close enough to taste it, something happens and the rug is pulled out AGAIN!
    I am so sorry to hear that. Take comfort in the fact that you might be travelling with friends. If there is anything I can do, email me! Take care… so sorry to hear this news. Hang in there!

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