Dog Gone Wild

In the last few weeks we have been bringing more baby stuff home, and since then, Mason has started to rebel.  At first he would simply grab the stuffed animals and prance them around the house. 

But since we moved the bed out of the spare bedroom – which is now the nursery, Mason has gone wild.  You see, the spare bed was where Mason slept at night – and now it has been replaced by a crib.  

Now when we go to work, or even just out for a while, he will pull everything possible from the counters, the tables, and if possible chew it up.  He hast eaten 2 health food bars (and the wrappers) from a gift bag,  ripped apart tetra soup boxes, grabbed my ipod (luckily he didnt’ chew it) and countless other things…  Every lunch hour is an adventure.

I know he is just reacting to the changes – but I think it is time for him to go back into his crate while we are not at home.

Has anyone else had similar situations?