New Etsy Finds

Tonight, doing what I regularly do, I was browsing Etsy, and I discovered a very cool site – Paper and Tee. They have tee shirts for adults, children, and even dogs with Korean words on them such as Kiss, Love, and for some odd reason the name Lee.  Check them out.  Considering Mason’s opinion of the bib we put on him tonight, I really don’t think he would enjoy a tee shirt… but you never know.

There is also the Personalized Jewelery Shop where you can have your name converted into Korean.  I have a necklace with my name in Arabic, and it is pretty cool – but I would love a Korean one.

I Love Etsy – so much to see…


I’ve been using Bloglines for sometime to compile the blogs I read and alert me to new posts.  Unfortunately it seems to be getting slower and slower in providing updates, and it seems to be continuously re alerting me to posts I’ve already read.  Just wondering what tools you all use to aggregate your blog feeds.  I’ve started playing with Google Reader… but I’m not 100% sure I like the way it displays the entries.  Any suggestions would be great!

Update on Alex

Last night we received a call from Maria at the Bridge to let us know that they had received a report that Alex’s navel is healing and is much better!  Alex had seen the doctor on November 4th – so it is kinda like a birthday present to me from Alex… letting me know that he is doing well.