The crib is in the house!

On Friday we received the call that our crib was in!  We were unable to pick it up on Saturday, so this afternoon in the sleet and rain, we drove to Baby Depot in Kitchener and picked it up.  Unfortunately the box did not fit into the back of our SUV… so, out of the box it came.  We had also bought the side rails to transform the crib into a double bed, and a crib mattress, so it was pretty full.  When we got it home, we got busy putting it together.  Now it sits in the nursery, awaiting a crib skirt, a quilt (both of which I’m going to get a start on right away), and of course, Alex!  I will take pictures once I get the bedding ready. 

The last few weeks have seemed so surreal – things happening so fast and all, but getting the crib somehow makes it seem more real.  Now we have a bed for Alex to come home to.  How many more weeks to go??? 

P.S. Belinda and Brenda –  you were so right – the crib is just beautiful!