Korea Tourism Org

Karen and Kevin, a nice couple we met at AdopTalk (who hopefully will be getting their travel call any day now!) suggested that we order a tourism kit from www.visitkorea.or.kr – so we did!  It has a tourist map, tour listing, Tastes of Korea brochure, and a great travel guide.  The best thing – it’s free!  You do have to register on the website to get it – but it wasn’t too painful.  And it only took about a week to come in.  For some reason the package actually came from Toronto…

4 responses

  1. That’s very cool. Don’t forget to bring your Referral Guide from CB. It’s slightly outdated, but was a great source of information for us while we were there.

  2. The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) actually has a big office in downtown Toronto so that’s why a lot of promotional material comes from there – it’s a great resource, and they’re wonderful at supporting KCCA events and also answering questions and providing posters, pamphlets, etc.

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