Korea Tourism Org

Karen and Kevin, a nice couple we met at AdopTalk (who hopefully will be getting their travel call any day now!) suggested that we order a tourism kit from www.visitkorea.or.kr – so we did!  It has a tourist map, tour listing, Tastes of Korea brochure, and a great travel guide.  The best thing – it’s free!  You do have to register on the website to get it – but it wasn’t too painful.  And it only took about a week to come in.  For some reason the package actually came from Toronto…

Updated Photos

Today we received 4 updated photos of Alex!  He has grown since the first set and looks very happy.  We got them because as I mentioned previously, he has an inflamed navel, so they also sent a picture of the redness to keep us in the know.  The Social Welfare Society has been great in keeping us informed – as well as Children’s Bridge.  At least we know he is being well cared for, I just hope his belly isn’t too sore.

So, I can’t resist sharing – here is one of the updated pics.  He is just so beautiful!

Alex in October 2008

Alex in October 2008