Good Day

Well today was a good day for a number of reasons.

One – you may have heard that there is an election being held in the US today… I hope people voted for change!

Two – we received the call that we could start the adoption process 7 months ago today.  I cannot believe what we have been able to accomplish in 7 months.  We did our home study, PRIDE, wait for a referral, and now we have our referral for baby Alex, and we have gotten our acceptance paperwork in… Phew!

Three – it’s my birthday!  Today I turned the ripe old age of 32… or as my father-in-law would say, I’m under 8 years till 40… I had to work today, but it was busy so the day went fast.  After work I came home to flowers, Indian food from Raja in Stratford (no Korean restaurants in the area), and a new type of Sparkling Wine from YellowTale – Bubbles.  Very nice!  Matt has been taking very good care of me, including a gift from him, Mason and… Alex.