Today Alex is 6 months old!  We wish so much that he was home with us… or at least we were in Korea with him…  But, instead we will be sending him a care package this week.  So far there is a pair of pj’s, a onesie, a wacky wabbit weirdo (that I made), a cloth book that we can insert pictures of us into, and we will be getting some disposable cameras that hopefully the foster family will use for us.  Our paperwork was mailed out on Friday, and will be processed on Wednesday.  We are anticipating to travel for Alex in early January.

My birthday is also coming up this week, and last night my friends and I went out for dinner.  It was really nice to see (almost) everyone together again – it has been a while! 

From the left – Me, Sarah, Suzanne, Cathy, Beth, and Melinda.  My lovely friends gave me a baby food grinder and a picture frame with a quote written on the matting “A mother holds her children’s hands for just a little while, but their hearts forever”.  Sarah is going to take a pic of Alex holding my finger for the frame.   So sweet!

3 responses

  1. Olive’s foster mom was great about the stuff we sent: we got everything except one toy back when we got Olive, and the disposable camera had been used up! I hope Alex’s foster family does the same. Isn’t it the most giddy feeling when you send goodies overseas, knowing that in a few days your baby will have something you selected, touched, and sent with love?!

  2. I was all teared up over your package contents (and the thought of what it means!) And then I read Elizabeth’s comments and that was it! You’ve got great goodies in there! And what wonderful birthday gifts! So sweet!

    And… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (Early?!)

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