Immigration Status

A few weeks ago, Julie sent me information on how you can check the status of your Sponsorship application online!  It is very simple to do – simply put in your Client # and the details required on the sponsor – not the child, and you can see your application!  For ours, it showed that it was inputted into the system on November 19, so according to that, we have been waiting 8 business days – however I like to think we have been waiting 2 weeks since LONO – makes it seem like we are progressing much faster 😉  Don’t bother checking the system daily – it is updated on Tuesdays.

To check your status, click here.

What’s been happening…

Well Matt’s mom was sure surprised yesterday – Matt’s dad told her he was giving her a trip to South Korea for Christmas!  Yep, Pat will be coming with Matt and I in January to pick up our little Alex.  We really think she is going to have a blast! She has had 4 boys, so I’m sure she will be used to a crying baby 🙂

We have curtains up in the nursery, and the shelves are almost there – by Friday they should be in place.  Also we’ve been given a booster seat for Alex to use once he gets a little older.  It was given to us by a very nice lady named May.  Sadly May’s husband died last Thursday – they had been married for many years and were a lovely couple.  I had taught May and her husband how to use the computer a few years ago, and my mom knows them quite well – so that was a nice surprise.

Lastly, I finally watched Sex and the City the movie.  Tonight I came home from work, cooked a pizza, poured a glass of wine and watched it.  Ate the pizza, drank 2 glasses of the wine, and cried or laughed through the whole movie.  Luckily Matt was not home – I really dont’ think it would have been his type of movie, but I loved it.

Homemade Pledge

I have taken the Homemade Pledge this year.  The Homemade Pledge is the pledge to “buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me”.  And pretty much I’ve been abiding by my pledge.  I’ve been making quilts (pictures!), buying from Etsy, and buying gifts that make a difference like books and things that are good for the environment. (I have to be vague or certain people will not have surprises this holiday season!).  I am also making calendars this year for some of those smaller gifts, and I’m venturing into felt broaches… just have to find pin backs…  So, in other words I’ve been busy! 

I hope you too consider taking the Homemade Pledge.  Or at least give gifts that make a difference (World Vision, Unicef, Kiva, Ten Thousand Villages

Another small thing I’m going to do is buy a “Yes You Can Wish Me A Merry Christmas” pin.  These pins are a local imitative that will support the Simple Dreams Team – a local program that provides Christmas dinner to thousands of Russian orphans at McDonalds.  The Kneiders (my old neighbours) and some other Stratfordites will be travelling to Moscow in January 2009 – this is their sixth trip.  Many children are also fitted out with a new set of clothing – a real luxury in many cases.  $5 can make a huge difference!

P.S. Stay tuned to our blog the week of December 3rd – Blog Give Away Day!


I haven’t had a chance to write about what I’ve been reading for a while… So here is what I’ve been up to:

I started, and gave up on, two books:
Your Sad Eyes and Unforgettable Mouth by Edeet Ravel (just couldn’t relate and it wasn’t flowing for me – really enjoyed the book Ten Thousand Lovers… but not this one)
Sleeping Arrangementsby Madeleine Wickham (Sorry – but I like her writing as Sophie Kinsella MUCH better – leave it at that)

I have two books that I will recommend:
Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison (Listening to it on CD in the car, and it is a great chick lit book, with lots of laughs)
The Last Summer (of you and me)by Ann Brashares (kinda like Nicholas Sparks, haven’t read the Sisterhood books, but this one is just a nice story about 2 women and 1 man in their early 20’s, who encounter love and pain on Fire Island NY)

Next I’m starting There’s No Place LikeHere by Cecelia Ahern. 

One suggestion for holiday reading if you are looking for something to get your Christmas Spirit up – The Autiobiography of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn.  I LOVE THIS BOOK!  It is an adult level novel, and tracks the life of Saint Nicholas from biblical times to present day.  It makes you smile, it makes you cry, and it made me excited again about Christmas and it reminded me about the true meaning behind the holiday.  I hope it makes you excited too!

Mason Has Perked Up

Thank you for the suggestions on how to deal with Mason and his new goal to rip apart everything in site.  He now is either sleeping on our bed (taking up about half of my side) or sleeping on a pad in our room – he did that before the move of the spare bed as well, but he usually slept in the spare room for half a night.  Mason is really a people dog and wants to be close to us – so unfortunately sleeping in the basement on the spare bed wouldn’t work for him.   He does still lie on it while I’m sewing so he gets some comfort there. br>
I think part of the problem was that he was missing the squeaker in his “ticken” – his favourite toy.  Ticken is a rubber chicken that squeaks – we usually buy 2-3 of them when we see them, because in a month or so it will be demo’d.  He runs around the house, banging it on the floor to make it squeak, and trying to get you to play catch.  He would play for hours with that thing if he could – sadly the squeaking can really drive you crazy so after a while Ticken will need to be put up.  But since the new Ticken, no messes, that works for me!  $5 well spent.

Mason and Ticken

Mason and Ticken

Mommy, Please Play!

Mommy, Please Play!


So, sad news has come in.  With our agency, there is a minimum of 30 visas that will be issued in 2008.  However, a very nice couple we have come to know, are #31.  Which means, even though they had their paperwork in for weeks now, they might not be able to get their travel call until January 2009.  I can’t imagine how frustrated they must be – expecting their little one home by the holidays, and now they will be waiting almost another month to bring him home.   I’m so glad our agency keeps us informed about this – I can’t imagine waiting and being unsure of what is going on.

We think we are probably #32 or #33 on the list – but because of when our LONO was issued, we expect to get our travel call in early January anyhow.  One good thing is that perhaps we will be in Korea at the same time…

B, A, & D you are in our thoughts.

Another Great Day!

I started off the day waking up to a winter wonderland.  Last night it snowed about 2 inches, and “they” expect another 5 overnight.  I really don’t mind the snow – I just need to have all the roads plowed and I will be fine.  I then watched Elf – one of my favourite holiday movies.  Will Farrell is too funny in that movie – I always laugh out-loud and if I’m being honest, I cry when everyone is singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town… I love holiday spirit 🙂

Matt and I also did our annual trek downtown to make our holiday lists for each other.  We go to one of our favouite pubs, have a pint, and write down what each other would like for Christmas.  I know – no real surprises – but at least we get things we need and want.  We also decided to get Alex a Montreal Canadiens jersey (if we can find one) for Christmas – he needs to be prepared for Hockey Night in Canada when he arrives (he already has a Habs bottle)!

Then, just now (about 5 minutes ago), we found out that on Friday our LONO (Letter of No Objection) was received and sent to the Canadian Embassy in Seoul and the Social Welfare Society!  Happy Dance!  So that now means we are in the REAL WAIT – The wait for Alex’s Visa to be issued and for our travel notice to be received.  From what I understand that is on average 8-10 weeks. 

I was also crafty this weekend.  I finished one of the quilt’s for the crib (hopefully I will get a start on the crib skirt tomorrow morning).  I also made a felt brooch this afternoon.  It’s been a busy day.  Pictures to come soon…

Dog Gone Wild

In the last few weeks we have been bringing more baby stuff home, and since then, Mason has started to rebel.  At first he would simply grab the stuffed animals and prance them around the house. 

But since we moved the bed out of the spare bedroom – which is now the nursery, Mason has gone wild.  You see, the spare bed was where Mason slept at night – and now it has been replaced by a crib.  

Now when we go to work, or even just out for a while, he will pull everything possible from the counters, the tables, and if possible chew it up.  He hast eaten 2 health food bars (and the wrappers) from a gift bag,  ripped apart tetra soup boxes, grabbed my ipod (luckily he didnt’ chew it) and countless other things…  Every lunch hour is an adventure.

I know he is just reacting to the changes – but I think it is time for him to go back into his crate while we are not at home.

Has anyone else had similar situations?

New Etsy Finds

Tonight, doing what I regularly do, I was browsing Etsy, and I discovered a very cool site – Paper and Tee. They have tee shirts for adults, children, and even dogs with Korean words on them such as Kiss, Love, and for some odd reason the name Lee.  Check them out.  Considering Mason’s opinion of the bib we put on him tonight, I really don’t think he would enjoy a tee shirt… but you never know.

There is also the Personalized Jewelery Shop where you can have your name converted into Korean.  I have a necklace with my name in Arabic, and it is pretty cool – but I would love a Korean one.

I Love Etsy – so much to see…


I’ve been using Bloglines for sometime to compile the blogs I read and alert me to new posts.  Unfortunately it seems to be getting slower and slower in providing updates, and it seems to be continuously re alerting me to posts I’ve already read.  Just wondering what tools you all use to aggregate your blog feeds.  I’ve started playing with Google Reader… but I’m not 100% sure I like the way it displays the entries.  Any suggestions would be great!