Baby Carriers

We are planning on using a baby carrier when we get little Alex and over the last few months I’ve been asking around for people’s reviews of them.  This will be a great way to travel in Korea, as well, it will promote attachment and bonding (I hope!) – and will allow for us to be out and about in the deep snow we get here in the snow belt.  We also have to consider getting something that can be easily adjusted – Matt is taller and larger than me – so we need it to transform between us easily.

I love the BabyHawk Mei Tai however looking at the directions, to me it really seems to be a two person job to get it tied properly.  It does however have a weight limit of 40lbs and very cool designs.

I was thinking the Baby Bjorn – but they are only good up to 25lbs – and well, I think Alex might surpass that soon after he arrives…

Some girls at AdopTalk were raving about the Ergo Baby Carrier.  It has a weight limit of 40lbs – although it has been tested up to 90lbs!  It is affordable, and the retro design is pretty cool.  So I might see about getting this one!  If we can find it around Stratford…

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  1. Here’s what we did: Bjorn (still able to use it after Olive turning 1 year old) b/c it’s easy to switch between the two of us. Also, Hot Sling, which I don’t find very comfy b/c it’s tough on your shoulder. Plus, my hands weren’t free. We have a hiking-style backpack carrier that’s awesome and takes up to 100 lbs! But my favorite is the mei tai style carrier I made myself – it’s totally adjustable for both of us and we can do front or back carrying. And it’s sooooo snuggly. Loved it.

  2. I highly recommend the Beco baby carrier! We use it every day to carry Poppy around in. She weighs 23 pounds and once your body gets used to carrying the weight around, it’s a breeze. I do all of my housework with her on my back and I can barely even tell she’s back there, plus she loves being in it. You will definitely want to get something that is easy enough that you can get the baby in it yourself and with the Beco, it’s pretty easy. We also chose the Beco because it’s machine washable (Poppy is always chewing on the straps and drooling all over it), and it’s unisex, so my husband doesn’t mind wearing it. It was a little pricey, but worth every single penny. Oh, and I also love the fact that she can go on my front or back. The first few weeks I always carried her in the front (for attachment purposes) and now I always carry her on my back. Good luck!

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