Weekend Updates

As I mentioned in previous posts, this past weekend I was attending AdopTalk, a seminar, kinda like PRIDE (but 100 times better), put on by our agency.  Luckily Matt was able to attend the Sunday sessions which really meant a lot.  A lot dealt with attachment and coming home, but there was also talk on possible health issues, and what to expect when you travel.  The dr. who came in to talk about health conditions of the child was amazing – he has adopted 2 children from China, so he has been there and done it.  He also talked about what to do when you get sick while you are picking up your child – something that hopefully does not happen! He talked about the medicines you should take – and really tailored his talk around hte counties our group were adopting from.  The travelling segment was also very informative – what to take/what not to take, and then we got to meet with a family who had recently adopted from our country.  It was really cool – our family had just come home from Korea after picking up their beautiful baby boy 5.5 weeks ago.  They shared tips, tricks, and what they experienced in country and on the way home.  It made things so much more real. 

I must admit though – when we got home, I kinda started to crack.  Our Adoption Practitioner had to delay our appointment, which meant we had to reschedule the bank apt., which means we will be delaying sending our paperwork back.  And with our computer being down, that means it is more difficult to get the paperwork done (I’ve hijacked our my in-law’s computer today).  So, I’ve taken 2 days off work – I need to decompress and relax, and get this stuff done!

I took our computer in to the tech shop today – they think it might be the hard drive – if so it can be fixed – if it is the monitor… well then we will be looking into getting a new machine.  That sucks – especially since we haven’t done a backup recently!  I think we are going to look into the online backup services for the future.

So hopefuly after this week things will calm down, we can focus on getting a package together for Alex and send it off, and get a REAL start on the nursery!