What a day…

Well, tonight we were just watching tv, relaxing, vegging out, when at about 9:15pm there was a phone call.  It was a number I’ve never seen before, and I almost screened it, but decided to answer the call.  It was the South Korea coordinator from Children’s Bridge.  They were calling to let us know that we have… A SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is right!!! It happened!! We have our baby! He is absolutely perfect!  We can’t wait to meet him.

We had been waiting only 2 months and 6 days for our referral. 

I am in SHOCK, actually I think we both are – but also ecstatic!!!!!!  We will share more details once we meet with our Adoption Practitioner to go over his paperwork which will arrive on Thursday and meet with the doctor (we ironically had an apt. on Friday anyhow!). 

I don’t think we will sleep tonight.  Thank you for everyone’s prayers… they worked!


This is so true!  This is my horoscope from iGoogle today:

“You may be in a state of high anticipation, for the Sun’s supportive sextile to intense Pluto can put your feelings on edge. You have been on a magical mystery tour, but now it’s time to settle down and make crucial decisions about your path ahead. But you cannot push the process any faster than it’s going, so set your frustrations aside and connect with others while you can.”