This weekend

I’m disappointed that we have not get a real move on the nursery.  I want to – but I want a reason to – like perhaps a referral…  I also feel that we need the crib to get started, (ordered it 6 weeks ago, and is supposed to be here in 8-10).  So this weekend I am going to prep my craft room / storage space in the basement to become the new spare bedroom, and hopefully we can move the spare bed down there.  Then when the crib is available for pickup, we will have a place to put it! 

Other things that need to be done:

  • dig out the changing table and repaint / recover it
  • stain the dresser we have the same colour as the crib
  • get curtains (IKEA run anyone?)
  • get a bookshelf
  • get a diaper genie (are these necessary?  I hear horror stories – what about a garbage can with a lid and latch?)
  • make a crib skirt, quilts
  • put up the pictures I bought from Etsy
  • oh, and get a referral…

4 responses

  1. I know where you are coming from… frustrated that I haven’t started, but feel no “pressure” to get my bum into gear. Of course, I’ll be kicking myself if my referral comes early, cause that means I’ll have to pull off the holiday craziness and the room prep all at the same time! (Not to mention the busiest work months for Doug and I… and a bunch of birthdays!) Hmm… I may start this weekend come to think of it!

  2. Good for you! I know just how you feel. Even though our referal is NO where in site, our nursery is empty and waiting! It just feels right. We took our larger spare room made that the office/guest room, we cleaned out ALL the closets and had a mountain of STUFF to deal with. So our larger spare room is now our craft/office/guest room. Actually it’s kind of cozy. We both really like it. My Grandma slept in the “new” room on thanksgiving and she didn’t have any complaints! Bonus! Good luck this weekend. I wanted our nursery empty so when the mood struck I could get busy. I have such a vision for that room! I’ve ordered the bedding, we’ve picked the crib, I have to get new drawer handles for the dresser, finish my old desk (this will be our change table) We don’t have to paint, but I want something fun in there (at least on one wall). I just get so excited! I love feeling pro-active about the baby coming home. It certainly is better than sulking over the wait!
    Happy organizing!

  3. We ordered our crib from the same manufacturer has you, and it has been almost 9 weeks now, and we are still waiting!! We don’t even know if we will have our crib before we leave on Tuesday evening, and it is really bothering me. We are also getting a dresser and bookshelf, so currently, the room is empty of furniture and a mess of stuff with no where to put it. It is very smart that you ordered yours as early as you did, and will have the time to get your nursery ready, just like Barb and Andy. We should not have waited until we had our referral to order our crib!

  4. We bought a diaper pail from ToysRus I think. It took regular kitchen garbage bags but had a turn thing at the top so it wasn’t so stinky. I think it was safety first (blue and white). We found we did most of our diaper changes on the main floor so we took the stinky ones to the garage and left the wet ones in the under the sink bathroom garbage. We’ve never had a diaper genie but lots of people have. Have fun with the nursery!

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