This weekend

I’m disappointed that we have not get a real move on the nursery.  I want to – but I want a reason to – like perhaps a referral…  I also feel that we need the crib to get started, (ordered it 6 weeks ago, and is supposed to be here in 8-10).  So this weekend I am going to prep my craft room / storage space in the basement to become the new spare bedroom, and hopefully we can move the spare bed down there.  Then when the crib is available for pickup, we will have a place to put it! 

Other things that need to be done:

  • dig out the changing table and repaint / recover it
  • stain the dresser we have the same colour as the crib
  • get curtains (IKEA run anyone?)
  • get a bookshelf
  • get a diaper genie (are these necessary?  I hear horror stories – what about a garbage can with a lid and latch?)
  • make a crib skirt, quilts
  • put up the pictures I bought from Etsy
  • oh, and get a referral…