As I mentioned in the post about my Thanksgiving weekend, Mason had a bit of a hair do problem.  But yesterday I took him to the groomer – and this is what he now looks like.  I think he looks like a puppy, he doesn’t seem to happy…

Today is officially 2 months of waiting for our referral!!!



Did anyone watch House last night?  The medical case in the episode was about woman who came back from China after she became sick while searching for her biological family.  She seemed to have many of the stereotypes of adopted children – rebellious, angry, and had addiction problems.   Turns out she had pins inserted in her soft spot of her head while still an infant by her bio parents because of the One Child Policy, and the pins were pressing on certain sensors that caused addiction etc.   The pins were causing the many other health problems that brought her to House as well.  Turns out one House’s minions was also an adotped child – adoption and the fact that you cannot choose who your parents are, were definitely recurring themes.

There was an interesting little discussion between two of the doctors at one point on what they thought of the situation – the girl was jealous of her siblings that were born to her AP after she was adopted because they are the bio children, – and the siblings were jealous because the girl was the chosen child, while they were surprises…