This Weekend – the good, the bad, the ugly

This Weekend:

The Good

  • Finished ALOT of craft projects – a rag quilt for my niece (xmas gift), 3 little critters for friends with new babies (will post pics soon), and the top to a flannel patchwork baby quilt that I will be posting on Etsy.
  • Had a nice family meal on Sunday with my mom, brother, nephews, and Matt (I even cooked the turkey!)
  • The weather was AMAZING!
  • Took a hike in the old grove
  • Finally watched What Happens in Vegas – cute movie
  • I made banana muffins

The Bad

  • Matt found the bag of giblets from the turkey – still in the turkey – today…. we roasted the turkey yesterday
  • Ran out of batting to finish the flannel patchwork baby quilt

The Ugly

  • Saturday Matt took Mason pheasant hunting – in a field filled with burrs.  Mason came home as one giant burr.  Matt and I took it upon ourselves to cut burrs out… Poor Mason – he doesn’t look very good right now.  He has an emergency haircut tomorrow afternoon at the groomers
  • Somehow I got stuck painting the front door today (I’m not the world’s best painter) – and while it does look better than it did before, it is definitely not a great paint job.  As a result, the front door was open ajar all day
  • While baking the muffins I got stung by a bee – twice.  Probably got in via the open front door.  It still hurts!