In preparation to travel to South Korea, we were advised to have some Immunizations done.  So earlier this summer I had a tetanus shot and I had already been updated on diphtheria and polio so I was good there.  We have to find out about Matt for those 3… Today we started our Twinrix shots for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A.  It is a 3 shot process – one today, one in a month, and one in 6 months from today.  Don’t believe the doctor/nurse when they say it won’t hurt – it will.  It goes into your arm muscle – and it gets sore!  Even Matt who has big arms was commenting.

One more step done!


Today we received a new Children’s Bridge update.  In the last 2 weeks there have been three referrals received – a 5 month-old baby girl, and two 5 month-old baby boys – waits were 3 to 4 months.  But this past week there have been referrals for five boys (5-7 months old) and the wait for referral was 2 to 4 months!  Congratulations everyone!!