Still Here… Still Waiting

Things have been pretty busy the last week or so.  Not on the adoption front but on the regular life front.

  • Matt has started back at work – he’s a teacher so he is back at it full force.
  • Matt is coaching hockey as well so he’s been pretty busy there
  • Went to see Caesar and Cleopatra with Christopher Plummer at the Festival Theatre – great show to see if you have a chance
  • Took the homemade pledge
  • Working on Christmas presents – yep – I know, it’s a little early – but I want to enjoy the holidays this  year and not be stressed!  I’m making 3 flannel rag quilts – will post pictures on my second blog (see next point)
  • Started a second blog for my girlfriends – Crafts n’ Such.  We are going to try and meet every few weeks to do some crafts / sewing / scrapbooking etc., and just hang out.  The first session is this Thursday, and coincidentally coincides with the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy!  Can’t wait!
  • Went on a nice date with my hubby on Friday since we haven’t seen each other much – went to Down the Street (in Stratford)

And now I’m sick.  Matt had a cold all weekend – and of course, I now have it.  I just hope my throat holds out for the computer class I’m teaching this afternoon…  I know I shouldn’t be at work – but I dont’ really have anyone who can back me up in my programs.

On the baby front – not much going on.  I’ve been bidding on fabric on eBay and am just waiting for it to arrive so I can start some baby quilts.  Still waiting for the crib – should be arriving in another 4 weeks.   Then I can start the crib skirt, get some curtains etc…  I am also reading another book on making the choice to adopt.  Although we obviously have already made that decision it is still a good book on the emotions of adoption and it goes into the issue of attachment.  I will post more on it when I’m done.

3 responses

  1. First – feel better!! Second, sometimes you do/say things that are so similar to what’s going on in my life, it’s creepy! Like the homemade pledge! And a craft blog! Oh, I’m so excited… (I love that purse BTW)

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I haven’t received my crib yet either. It’s been 6 weeks now, and I sure hope it comes soon! What adoption book are you reading?

  3. Hi there,
    Sorry to hear you’ve got a cold! My husband is just getting over one too! Wanted to let you know that I read a great book about adoption/attachment issue’s. It’s called Becoming a Family. I really enjoyed it. I don’t know the author off hand, the book is at work! I was just outbid 4 times on a crib bedding set. I wish I had your talent to make my own! Wow!
    Our order of adoption books was shipped today. From what I hear there are two “must haves” for kids. Happy Adoption Day, and I wished for you… Again… don’t know the authors! Take care, and happy bidding! P.S. I can’t wait for Thursday night Grey’s either… so exciting!

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