North Korea

Across the headlines of all the papers this morning was the headline that Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea is believed to be ill, and that he has perhaps had a stroke. Updates on the Globe and Mail state state that he is actually recovering from surgery.   Speculation as to his condition came after he missed attending a parade on Tuesday commemorating the communist state’s founding 60 years ago. 

So why is this an issue on an adoption blog?  If a new leader were to come into power, the political situation in the country may change.  Nuclear weapons may become an issue again, and if so, there is a chance of travel bans to the area. Also technically North and South Korea are still at war – and since we are adopting from South Korea…

A great video to watch on North Korea is called Inside North Korea.  It is a documentary done by Lisa Ling and National Geographic.  It is very well done and very interesting.  Stratford Public Library has a copy if anyone in this area wants to watch it.

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