A Crib!!

Yesterday Matt and I went down to Baby Depot in Kitchener to look at cribs.  As I mentioned in a previous post I was interested in getting the Lollypop crib.  I did like the way it looks and the style, however it only will convert to a toddler bed – not a single or a double.  The style I figured could go to a single – but there is no conversion kit for that – so we started to look at a few others.  Matt really liked the “Yukon” crib, but as we looked around I fell in love with the Rossport.  This one has no open screw holes in the front and is sturdy.  That is one thing that sold us – you couldn’t shake and move it around.  When we were at Sears the floor models were so flimsy feeling (but I do realize they probably were not put together properly because I do have a friend with a nice sturdy crib from Sears).  We ordered the crib and the conversion kit for the double bed in Java – a nice dark brown stain. 

The crib should be coming in in 8-10 weeks.  Now I need to order the nursery fabric and get sewing!!