For the last few months I have been working on and off on a baby quilt made with Amy Butler’s pink lotus fabric.  I was thinking it would be a quilt for our baby if it turns out to be a girl.  Well, I have a better use for it.  Turns out one of my house mates from University is pregnant!  Laura and I lived together for 3 years and you know how life is, you tend to grow apart.  It wasn’t until I was out walking with Sarah a couple of weeks ago, who was also a university house mate, that I discovered this exciting news.

So of course, I sent an e-mail right away and got the scoop.  She is due in November, but unfortunately is having a scheduled C section at the end of September.  Seems that during the ultrasounds the doctors discovered a 5cm mass of cells on her intestine and they cannot determine what it is.  So, the early C-section is to prevent the baby from getting too large and putting pressure on the lump.  And since the baby is going to be a girl… I thought this quilt would be a perfect gift. 

Here is the final product.  (I was home sick from work today – the Library Cold – and thought binding the quilt would be the best watching tv past time).


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