Episode 93

Sex and the City reruns have been playing on Cosmo TV, and I tend to watch them before work or at lunch – the same episodes are on a few times a day.  Today was episode 93 – “An American Girl in Paris – (Part Une)”.  In this episode Charlotte and Harry are filling out all of the paperwork for their adoption homestudy – and Harry asks when there are millions of kids in the world who need homes why do they have to fill out all of the paperwork.  (I know we have all asked that question!)  I loved Charlotte’s reply (I had to watch the episode again at lunch to get it right):

“God is going to send us a baby from somewhere.  Our job is to fill out the paperwork just right and to be as agressive as we can up to the point of obnoxious.”

3 responses

  1. Last year, while we were in the paperwork and waiting stage, I watched every single episode front start to finish. I totally forgot that Charlotte ended up adopting from China and I cried like a baby when they were doing the paperwork and then when they got matched with the picture. I just love that they ended up adopting.

    Have you seen the movie yet? It’s up there in my all time top 10. I’m counting down the days until it comes out on dvd!

  2. I actually watched Episode 94 last night “An American Girl in Paris – (Part deux)” and saw the ending with Harry and Charlotte getting their referral – “God did have our Address” – I too was crying!
    I have not seen the movie yet – I’m waiting for the DVD – It is supposed to be released on September 23.
    I find now I relate much more to the girls in the show – must be the 30 factor – I wasn’t a fan when it was first on but now the reruns are one of my favourite things to watch on TV – esp. the later seasons.

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