Back from Vacation

I just got back from a much needed vacation.  Matt and I went to his family’s cottage near Burk’s Falls Ontario – just north of Huntsville.  It is located on Mason Lake – the lake we named our dog Mason after.  We love going there – it is quiet, you can fish, swim, read, boat, hike, ATV, eat lots…  My friend Kelly came up on Friday and brought my brother – so that was nice – someone for me to hang with and someone for my hubby to fish with.  Matt and my brother are still up there – I came home yesterday with Kelly.  My body keeps feeling like I’m on the dock – you know the floaty feeling? It is pretty weird.  So I will share some pictures when Matt gets home with the camera tomorrow.

I think I have come home to Fall though – it is pretty cool here!  You can tell school is right around the corner.