Waiting for a Referral

Since not all of our family and friends will necessarily understand the importance of yesterday’s happy dance, I thought I would explain.  By receiving a Letter of No Objectionfrom the MYCS and having our Dossier sent to South Korea it means that we are now officially waiting for a Referral.  A referral occurs when South Korea has approved your Dossier and has matched you with the perfect child.  This generally  takes 6 – 8 months – but it seems to be taking closer to 5 – 6 months (at least that is what is seems from the monthly Children’s Bridge newsletters) … so hopefully by February 2009 we will know who our child is!!   

We are now officially a “Family in Waiting”!

2 responses

  1. Congratulations! Each step gets you a little closer, it won’t be long now before you see pictures of YOUR baby! Our forever family day for Reeanna is on sunday- 7 years ago she came home to us! Once your baby is home, time will fly by!

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